Abra Ka Dabra

I have been seeing infomercials for this stuff for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I think I remember seeing them before I even hit puberty and had no idea what zits were. I have never had huge problems with having acne...until I got pregnant!
Ugh, it was more frustrating to deal with than seeing myself transform into an elephant! I started having pimples pop up from the first month I was pregnant and then in the second trimester it subsided. Then the third trimester hit and it was like a bomb exploded on my face. I was having at least a couple popping up a day and by the end it was awful. And I thought it would go away right after I had the baby but it didn't.
I know it's only been a little over 3 weeks since I had Dylan, but they were still showing up as of a week ago. And I was getting a little bit ticked because it wasn't going away and I am super impatient!
I was up late one night and the same old infomercial came on and I gave in and called and I am SO glad I did!!! I started using this stuff 5 days ago...and it has NOT disappointed! I am a little ticked I didn't start using this stuff earlier! It's AMAZING! No joke, I saw a huge difference in my skin after the first day! And as of today, my face is completely clear and looks so much healthier! This stuff is heaven-sent. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are having horrible break-outs and feeling like a 13-year-old like I was. It will work wonders for you. I have never loved my skin and now I do. It's fabulous!

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Steve and Chelsea said...

I loved being on Proactiv. It was awesome! I stopped though when we were trying to get pregnant. I'm defenitely going back on it once baby is here. BTW, you looked AMAZING during your pregnancy! And still do!