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has it really been 6 years? how? i don't understand how time can feel like it goes so slowly, but at the same time feel like I can't catch up with it? anyways, 6 years ago my man and I got hitched! Well, technically it was 6 years ago three days ago, but you get the idea. Oh how I love that boy more and more every day. Yep (saying with a long sigh), I am one lucky girl.

Anyways, I won't bore you professions of love and romance; I will instead tell you about how we chose to celebrate our love and romance this year: by going away! We were thinking St. George, maybe Vegas, or Park City even? But if you don't live under a rock and are within 200 mile of the Salt Lake Valley, you would know it's been raining, cloudy and cold the last few weeks, and there is no sign of it stopping. We thought St. George would be a safe place to get some heat, and Vegas for sure would get us out of this frumpy weather. Nope, they are getting hit by the cold rainy streak as well. And then when we looked at Park City and it said there was a chance of snow in the forecast while we were planning our trip, we definitely deleted that thought out of our brains right then. The point was to go away to get warm, not get colder. But, no such luck. So we decided to be easy and go to the capital of the beehive state: SLC. So we booked a room at the brand new Holiday Inn Express (the old Shiloh Inn for those of you who know your Salt Lake Hotels) since it had just opened a couple weeks previous, and they were having steal of a steal deals.

So we booked 2 nights (lucky for us Brett's awesome parents were in town and gladly offered to take Dylie for the weekend), got a substitute for our Sunday School class, got through a week of work and school, packed a whole lot of clothes (and a whole lot of lingerie that has been begging to be used since I am too exhausted with school to even think about touching it), and I worked my booty off to get the homework that was due over the weekend done before we left. And I'm telling you, once we got on the 1-15 freeway Northbound, we were free, and we knew it; we could feel it! Brett had just gotten back from Logan after a week of traveling (over his birthday no less:() the night before for work, so this was our first night back together after 4 nights apart, and what do you know, we were kidless! For a whole 48 hours! I was so excited I could've peed my pants. It was our night to paint the town red.

And we did alright, we painted it red. And maybe not the town, but our faces. From fighting. Couples do that sometimes ya know? They fight. And sometimes, in all their rareity, they sometimes happen n the most annoying circumstances. Like this one. Here we were on our one getaway we get a year without a child, and we were arguing. The details are not important but we had a fun little tiff that began in our car and lasted from precisely 9:30pm (just after finishing up dinner at an amazing BBQ restaurant called R&R BBQ, try it, it's a must) and didn't officially end until 12 hours later, and yes we did sleep in the middle of it. All great trips start out with a good fight...said no one ever. But, every couple does it, I am just choosing to be honest and open about it because that is how our weekend started, and it was good and fine and it was much needed. And then it was over and we came to a conclusion and we moved on from it and the rest of the weekend was pure bliss. Let me just tell you :)

Saturday morning we had a couples massage scheduled at A New Day Spa. It began with strawberries and bubbly...

Those strawberries are AMAZING. I need to call and ask where they get them from; I dream about them. Anyways, I have been there before for a massage and it was great. I even had a guy do it that time and it was fab. No weird things he did, didn't feel uncomfortable, and I was kinda hoping to get the same guy again. So our therapists come and greet us, take us to the room where the two beds are, tell us to get undressed and get under the sheets face-down...yada yada yada. One of them is a guy (not the same one I had before) and one's a girl. Brett would die before getting massaged by another dude, so I was fine taking the guy, and with him having the girl.
So they come in and the massage starts. I don't have on any undergarments whatsoever (I never normally do) but oh my gosh do I wish I would've worn some! This guy wasn't weird by any means, but the massage I had was, I can't think of another word for it but bizarre. He was lifting up and moving my torso from side to side (think of interpretive dancing, at least that's how I picture it in my head) and pulling on my toes so hard I swear they were going to come off, then not to mention he didn't tuck the sheet under when taking my legs out to be massaged, and let's just say I could feel the sheet loosely flopping around. I am sure he saw my Britney. I may be over-exagerating, but it's hard to tell when your eyes are shut. Should I have said something? Probably, but it's awkward. Had he been an all-out creep I totally would've and wouldn't have thought twice, but, I don't know. Thinking back I wish I would've. Oh well, you live and you learn. Brett said he looked over like 4 times because he heard so much movement from my table. I have never before had a massage like that, and I hope I never do again. All that happened in the last like 15 minutes of it. Before that it was great, but man the last little bit I just wanted it to be done. It was bizarre. But, on the bright side Brett said his was amazing so I am glad he had a good experience.

After that we went and got lunch at City Creek's food court, took it back to our hotel and ate it in bed while we watched some Kardashian reruns on our TV. We don't have cable at my mom's right now so having TV was fun and new lol. Then we took a nap.....and then since it was pouring out, and had been since the morning, we decided to go down to the pool and hot tub. There was a sauna as well and that was really fun. What made it so fun was we had all 3 to ourselves, and not only that but the hot tub was massive! You could've fit like 3 regular sized hot tubs in there. It was awesome. So we hung out in the heat and played in the pool for a few hours.

Then that evening came so we showered and got ready, went and had an amazing sushi dinner at Simply Sushi (all you can eat sushi?? yes please!)  and then had plans and a reservation to go hang out at a piano club, but we both felt a little lazy, and decided it would be funner to do that when we had more energy.

So instead we went to see a movie we have both been wanting to see ever since we saw the previews for it months ago...Pitch Perfect 2!

I had too. It wasn't easy since there were about 20 people watching me do this pose as Brett took my photo, but I just had too. I love these ladies, especially that blonde one to my left. Hilarious.
This movie was so funny! We both loved it. There was a funny something every 5 minutes of that show I swear. It was so good! We highly recommend it. And then by the time we got back to the room it was midnight so we went to bed.

Sunday we ate the buffet breakfast (and ps, they had a pancake maker that you literally push a button, and a conveyer belt starts going and you just stick your pancake at the end and two pancakes come rolling out...it was the coolest thing ever!) and the checkout time wasn't until 12, but we got it extended to 1, which was so nice. We just hung out and watched movies all morning while eating some good ol' junk food. (ps the second pic down is the view from our room)

after having a lazy morning we decided to head out on the town and shop a little, since it wasn't raining for once.

i kind of have a new obsession with Urban Outfitters. it came about the day we went in there. i am pretty sure i could hang out in there and buy everything that store possesses. mmmm so good. it was nice to be out and about, and not trying to hurry through the bad weather. it didn't last though, which was a bummer. it started raining mid-outing, so we decided that was a sign to head home. but it was a nice note to leave our getaway on...being out and free and just being together. such a fun, relaxed and easy weekend just enjoying each others company. i can't think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary.

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