hi, i'm Kate. if you have been following this blog you probably know everything about me since i tend to hold nothing back when it comes to writing. but, the most important things about me are these: my husband and my baby are my life. i cannot live without Diet Dr. Pepper or Zupas pina colada chicken salads. and i am just a little obsessed with photography. i just started my own photo business, Sugar Photo Co.

other random facts about me and what i love are as follows:

Green Eyes. Diet Dr Pepper. Dylan. Smiles. Shopping. Play then Work. Disneyland. Pink. Dress-up. Taylor Swift. Make-up. Spender. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Puppies. Stay at home Mom. Yellow Personality. High Heels. Movie Buff. Girly Girl. Love Stories. Cookie Dough. Carefree. His Best Friend.