Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I've now been pregnant for 29 weeks...that's almost 7 months. Yeah, I know what you are thinking and I completely agree, it's flown! And while we are SO excited to have our bundle here to play with and love, I am also counting down the days to a bunch of things I will be able to do again once he is here. I am starting to go through some serious withdrawls from the following:

{A Good Night's Sleep}
I usually end up waking up at 3 or 4 am either
because I am just 'not tired' or a part of my body is
aching. And lucky for me, I think my good sleeping
nights are behind me for the next long while. Can't
wait for the naps while the baby sleeps.

This is one of my biggest ones. I went from having
this good stuff like once a week to Nada. I have had it a
couple of times since I have been pregnant, but I stopped
because I don't want to take any chances. I will be downing
this stuff the day after delivery.

{Working Out}
I started getting back into working out right before
I found out I was pregnant, and I really liked it. Then
the Holidays came and then it all stopped. Now, since
I haven't been doing it consistently, the only thing I can
do is walk. I am looking forward to some good P90X and
Zumba sessions after this little guy is here, especially
since I will be home all day and the baby. Lookin forward
go getting rid of the baby weight:)

Ok, I am a tad embarrassed to say that this is the #1
thing that I miss. Sad, but true. I don't necessarily miss
the tanning bed per say, I just miss having some color
period. I HATE being pasty white! I cannot wait to
get some rays and some golden brown color:)

{Not having back-aches}
I miss not having to either have my back rubbed
or trying to rub my own back every other hour.
I have never really had to deal with back pain and
now that it's a constant thing is annoying and tough.
No matter how I sit, it's there. Ugh! And it's only
going to get worse as this tummy gets bigger. Joy:)

{Beautiful Ankles}
I was drying off after taking a shower a couple of
nights ago and I looked down and I couldn't find my
ankles! Ah! It's happening! I didn't expect it to happen
until a little later, and now that it's happening right now is
really freaking me out/making me realize I am only
going to swell more and get bigger. I cannot wait until
I have my ankles and feet and legs back! Because
right now, they look like marshmallows.

{Junk Food}
Ok of course I haven't given up all junk food, but for
the most part my diet is fruit, veggies, nuts and healthy
meals. Which, is a really good thing. But, sometimes I
just really crave McDonald's french fries or some Fried
Ice Cream. I am trying so hard to stay away from these
things so i don't gain anymore than I need to, but the
temptation gets so overwhelming sometimes. Hopefully,
if my body goes back to how it was, I can eat this stuff
on a fairly regular basis and it won't affect me.
Cross Your Fingers;)

{Balanced Hormones}
I think at the beginning of my pregnancy, this was a pretty
big deal for me. My emotions and hormones were constantly
all over the place. As I've gotten further into my
pregnancy, my hormones have toned down for the most
part. I am pretty balanced now, but I still have my
moments. I just want to be back to 100% normal,
I feel like right now I am at a 87%. So not too far off.
Hopefully after labor I get to that 100%:)

So there you have it. Of course I miss not having a basketball stuck to the front of my body and not having to go to the bathroom every other minute, but the ones I mentioned are the ones I miss the most. As I write this post I am getting kicked and punched by my little guy, and it makes all of these desires seem like a grain of sand...not big at all. Those kicks and movements make it all worth it and fun! Pregnancy has been AMAZING! I have really loved every minute of it, and I am loving it more each day, especially being able to feel him move all the time. But I can't wait to see those movements and kicks while I am golden brown and eating sushi and have had a hard workout that day with my ankles back:)

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Mike and Kristin said...

Katie, I really love your posts! I'm sooooo excited for you and I'm so glad I found your blog so I can be updated with all of the new posts! Good to see you (even though not in person) but I hope all is GREAT. You are adorable pregnant! Keep the updates coming!