5th Anniversary Photoshoot

you guys. i know it's been a while. let me just tell you, the holidays kicked my butt! i got sick over both Thanksgiving (barfing and a tummy ache the whole weekend) and Christmas Eve through after New Years (Bronchitis is the worst!!! don't get it). and on top of all that, i was finishing up my first semester back at school. i am happy to say it was a success :) so i am sorry i have been MIA. i have been so busy i haven't even been able to make sure my legs are staying shaved haha (sorry Brett ;) 

but, i just had to blog about this AMAZING session that Brett and i had with Lisa Miller Photography. i had been thinking about maybe getting photos taken for our 5th anniversary (which was back in May) but we were so busy this summer moving and getting ready for school to start for two out of the three of us, that i kind of just forgot to do anything about it. but then, my good friend and incredible photographer friend had a giveaway back in October for a free portrait session, and i entered, and i won! i was so excited, especially since i never win anything ever! it was the perfect opportunity to not only do the photoshoot i wanted to do, but to do something completely out of the box and something i have never done before. i wanted a more timeless and old-hollywood type feel for our shoot, and to say we succeeded is an understatement. Lisa was amazing at helping me pick out the perfect outfit and helping me bring my vision to life. we just got our photos back a few days ago and we love love love them!! 

a special thanks to Tori Plant for doing my makeup, and to Bottles and Blooms for my amazing flower crown. i was obsessed with that thing and wore it the rest of the day. so sad real flowers can't last forever. and the biggest thank you and shout out to Lisa Miller Photography!! i have loved her stuff for so long, and she just gets better and better with every shoot she does. i was so thrilled to have her shoot us. we couldn't love these any more. thanks again girl! you are the best! we will treasure these forever!


jenn said...

Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!! I love these so much. Lisa is amazing and you, my dear, are gorgeous.

Jared and Melissa Palmer said...

Girl you are babalicious! Honestly and truly one of the most beautiful women I have EVER seen, not even just saying that! Love you girl!

Kathryn Bruns said...

Beyond gorgeous, you're such a babe! And Lisa is amazing!

Where up at Tibble is that cute bridge? Or was it at another location?