takin' a break...

hello my peeps. so sorry for the long pause on the blog. honest, i don't even have a good reason. well, actually that's not true. i have been quite the busy bee lately, and blogging was always on my list of things to get done, but always got shoved to the bottom and hence, never got done.

but, what's important is i'm back, and hopefully i'll be updating more often. lots has been happening around here, and it needs to be written down so we can look back and remember these crazy busy times we are going through (well, mainly Brett, but that's another post).

this post is not an update for all the months i have been away. if it was, i would be sitting here literally all.night.long. no no, it's just what we did tonight. a fun family getaway that has been much needed.

yesterday, while Brett and i were eating breakfast (and while Dylan was dancing around to Music and the Spoken Word, he loves the music and the nature scenes) i had a pretty brilliant idea pop into my brain.
me: "hey, why don't you take a half day tomorrow, and we go up American Fork Canyon since i already have a pass there from my shoot on Saturday? we have been wanting to go for months, but have been so dang busy we haven't had time. let's do it before it get's too cold."
Brett: "done."

yes, that one little word sealed the deal, and i spent all night dreaming about our family afternoon in the canyon. and it was every bit as perfect as i pictured in my head. i'll let the pictures do the talking.

oh, except i should probably explain one little pup you will see in the photos. he's ours. and his name is Charlie. yes, we got another dog. long story short, Brett's sister took our girl dog (she helped raise her) and so we kept the fattest pup of the litter. oh, you didn't know our dog had puppies? well, yep, she did. 8 weeks ago tomorrow in fact. and we only have one pup left (of the 10 she had, and except for the one we are keeping) and she is most likely getting sold tomorrow. man, i really need to blog more. so sorry.

it was lovely. just.lovely. we loved every second of being away from our phones, computers and just being together. the drive home was sweet, with my hand in my best friends, and our sweet puppy laying under my feet, and Dylan looking out the window, trying not to fall asleep and talking off and on to us. it couldn't have been a more perfect break from all the busyness that has taken over our house since Brett started school again, and since my business has perked up quite a bit since the end of August. i loved today. i wish today could last for an eternity. it was pure magic.


Ted and Breauna Housel said...

So happy you did this! I love these pictures. You guys are the cutest little bunch :)

Jared and Melissa Palmer said...

Amazing pictures!! Love them. And you!

Katie Holland said...

Beautiful pictures Katie! You really have a gift. I enjoy looking at every one of them. Such a cute family you have!!