well Dylan, we made it! you are two. can you believe it? i'm stunned. just stunned that i have a two-year-old.

i am feeling such different emotions than i was when Dylan turned 1. when his first birthday came, i was sobbing, whimpering, trying to hold onto every last second of time before he turned 1. i was kind of in panic mode.

this time around is so different. i couldn't wait for Dylan to wake up so i could run in his room and sing him happy birthday songs. he thought i was nuts. seriously, i think i terrified him more than i made him happy and excited. after i got him from his crib, we came downstairs and had breakfast, and birthday donuts (some that were left over from his party, he loved the change from the usual yogurt and banana). then, it was off to meet dad at work so we could take our newly-minted 2-year-old out for a family birthday lunch. Cafe Rio is a family favorite, so we decided to go there (and it doesn't hurt that they give free quesadilla's to little ones). it was so nice spending time with just the 3 of us. i felt like we had none of that this weekend, which was totally okay and fun, we just aren't used to that.

then once we said goodbye to Brett and took him back to work, Dylan and i had our own fun for a while. he got a haircut, then went down for a nap for 3 hours.
then once he woke up, i wanted to take him on our first mommy/son date since we haven't done that yet, and i've been wanting to do it for a while. so i decided to take him out for frozen yogurt then to the park to play for a while. i let Dylan pick the toppings, and he pointed to sprinkles and chocolate.

then it was time for birthday cake...
i just loved this cake. we had it made for Dylan's mustache bash (see post before this one) and i just couldn't bring myself to cut it up until his actual birthday, it was just too pretty! so, tonight was the night it got eaten.
here's a video i took for Brett since he couldn't be here since he had school tonight...

he loved that cake, and especially the black and red fondant balls that were surrounding it. he ate most of them. then, after watching some Toy Story, it was bed time for this little munchkin. he had a very long day of playing and eating yummy food and he was worn out.

Dylan, we love you! thank you for having the sweetest, kindest heart. you are so loving and so good about doing what i ask you to. these last two years have been the best of our lives, and it's all because of you! your personality is one that is so loving and endearing. you are also so outgoing! you want to be friends with everyone you meet, especially children. i could go on and on about what i love about you and how much you have changed me for the better, but i've done that a million times on this blog so i will spare the readers. just know that i am so grateful that you are my munchkin. you are constantly teaching me new things all the time. you have truly blessed our lives in more ways than we will ever know. and, i must say, you are the most well-behaved two-year-old that ever existed, at least according to all your grandparents, and your Dad and i totally agree. you are, and always have been, the most well-behaved child. we are just so lucky and super blessed to have you in our lives and for forever! i hope you had a happy birthday sweetheart! i am so lucky that i get to spend each and every day with you, but i hope today was especially fun for you!

love you for always,

mommy and daddy

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Haylee said...

he sure has an amazing smile! I can't believe he is two already. Happy Birthday to Dylan!