while Dylan sleeps...

when the little one is snuggled in bed with his Poohbear and his bottle dreaming of Mickey Mouse and Goldfish, it's time for his parents to partay! Brett bought this game before we met, and his family has had it for a while. we decided to bring it home a couple days ago since we were having a HUGE bash at our house with all Brett's friends and their wives since one of our good friends was here from out of town. it was a massive hit! we had about 20 people/kiddos here, and almost everyone participated in it. it was a blast! (sorry, no pics from the party, i was too busy having fun to worry about that:) we played until 2am Saturday night, and right when we woke up yesterday we played this for pretty much the entire day, and after we got home from a family Christmas party and put the babe down, we started right back up again. i'm better at the drums, he's better at the guitar. but, we swap every once in a while. we sing while we play, and it's so fun to jam out together! it's nice to let out our inner Rockstars sometimes :)

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